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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 4, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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>> hello, everyone, welcome to a special pre-election "the five." we are glad you are with us on the sunday best polls. stay with us for the entire hour because governor romney should take the stage in pennsylvania and we will bring it to you, live. 20 electoral votes up for grabs. a president shows that race is a dead heat. to the big story. these remarks by president obama and then mitt romney's response. >> at the time the republican congress any senate candidate bit name of mitt romney -- no, no, no, vote. vote. vote. voting is the best revenge. >> you probably heard what the president said a couple of days
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ago. he said, can you vote for revenge. i'm telling you, you should vote for love of country! >> the newly nicknamed election ed henry is in cincinnati, he, where president obama is headed. >>reporter: we will sigh something interesting because the president is trying to whip up unthese a. his campaign believes that in the end the president will win because of a better ground game and boast behind-the-scenes they have had 125 million contacts with voters, either door knocks or one-on-one phone calls trying to get voters to the polls in battlegrounds. there is a question about how much enthusiasm the president has for the campaign this time compared two 2008. yesterday, i was in ohio right outside cleveland. interesting because when i covered john mccain's campaign in 2008 he was in the same gym
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with over 4,000 or 5,000 and obama camp said he could only do, james john mccain, because e could not get the large event of people that senator obama could, and in the final weekend in cleveland, then senator obama had 80,000 people in cleveland. he is not getting anything near that in the final weekend. he had a rally in florida with a singer trying to get celebrity appeal with 20,000 people. there is a large group here still gathering and he will be here in a couple of hours in cincinnati. the ultimate rockstar is bill clinton in a chilly new hampshire city with 14,000. we have seen president obama adapt the clinton economic plan, the balanced approach in terms of deficits. and today he employed the anthem
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of bill clinton, playing at the end of the clinton obama rally in new hampshire "don't stop thinking about tomorrow." a song we heard in 1992 and 1996. i heard more veteran reporters saying they had not heard that song in 10 or 12 years and they are bringing it back. you can see president obama trying to ride president clinton's coat tails. remarkable when you consider four years ago during the theater of primary, clinton and obama in 2008, bill clinton said the obama campaign was the biggest fairytale they had seen and they are now locked together and let me give you an idea of how much bill clinton is doing, he has done two dozen campaign events for president obama, and now comes word that on monday, tomorrow, in the final hours, former president clinton will be in pennsylvania for not one, but four events throughout the state, pittsburgh, philadelphia, scranton. recently, the obama camp has been saying it is desperation on the report of mitt romney to go
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into pennsylvania and get the 20 electoral votes but suddenly for the obama camp to be putting bill clinton in in in the final hours for four events suggests they are more nervous than they have let on. >> thank you, ed. lots of good information. i have never heard of the group pit ball? >> it is a performer. >> what kind of performance, rap in. >> hip hop producer, fairly talented. >> and your home state is your pennsylvania, give us an update, what ed said at the end having to send in bill clinton is that because the obama campaign did not pay enough attention to pennsylvania? >> they have not because they thought they would not have to defend it. the fact he is going in four times is a big deal. democrats have won pennsylvania and presidential elections consistently for the last couple of decades.
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i think there is real trouble in the campaign. person has a aging population, a lot of seniors. they have a coal problem. the obama campaign has that problem in western pennsylvania. and bucks county is populated, and they are concerned with fiscal issues, not so much social issues but fiscal issues. the state could swing. the fact it is a toss up, that is a huge deal. >> the turn out machine in philadelphia for the democrats has been very strong, and that could be the thing here but is there validity to thinking that we should watch ohio but pennsylvania, as well? bob: pennsylvania closes earlier than the other states. it is a state that is becoming more republican but the democratic registration is up a million and an older population voting for mitt romney consistently but the counties around philadelphia are republican territory. i would send bill clinton in,
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too, if you lose pennsylvania you will lose the election. >> any thoughts on person? >> i am not sure it is such a toss up but maybe you send in bill clinton on all places you want to shore up and you go to the places you need to hit, iowa and new hampshire. >> are people having a very strange experience thinking the clinton years were so fantastic and they want -- it is amazing what president obama would try to ride his coat tails? >> "don't stop thinking about tomorrow," and because of obama today is bad. the crowd size is interesting, if president obama wins, he is a smaller president. if he does win, he could be doing the state of the union at a read -- red roof inn.
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i think the revenge thing was spontaneous. can you see what he is like off prompter. no one knows who he is until he is off prompter and you get the idea he doesn't like a lot of people. you think if america was a restaurant he would be the chef that would spit in half of the customers' food. bob: that is good. the crowd controls every campaign sends every advance person in and very rarely do you have a bad rally the last couple of days. it does not indicate a lot. >> on friday night, in ohio, mitt romney's event, at this timer lights were saying my gosh, they did not anticipate. the campaign said 30,000 and i heard that, but the fire department says less than that. >> huge size. size matters. but you watch the tube today every campaign stop we took a bunch of sound on both of them
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and you can see the difference. mitt romney is proud to be an american. he is looking forward. he is saying two days left and he is saying i am proud of this place and i want to make it better. president obama went back tory spring. i don't know why he does that. negativity, deviciveness on one side and hope of change on the other. we hear the tone of their voice. you can hear mitt romney's confidence something he has not had for a long time. we hardy confidence in the vote and in president obama's voice, a little nervous. bob: for good reason. romney is whistling past the graveyard if he has so much confidence. the polls are emergencying. there should not be a difference between two or three points in any state and they are coming together, local and national polls. right now you could call it a close race nationally in the battleground states, it is fairly --.
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>> right before we start "the five," we have a chit chat to check with each other, and we listen to the sound bite getting prepared, revenge for what? >> that is the first thing i thought. what did mitt romney do to voters they need revenge? i think obama is asking for revenge himself because mitt romney challenged him and god forbid someone challenge it. the thing about the dramatic shift from 2008, this positive message of hope and this dark angry message of revenge i say you don't need to look at the polls but the two messages. one is very, very angry, which tells me he is very worried. and the other is confident. this is the best romney has looked. he seemed reagan-esque. >> a great opening when president obama said that on friday to come back right away and they needed something after the hurricane last week, to get attention. bob: it was a gift. no question. a word that obama wish he
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back and romney followed up with a good line, but, i would be careful to read too much into the last couple of days. go ahead. >> what you learn about president obama is that it is more personal than patriotic or than political, maybe if the republicans had attacked the libya embassy we might have gotten a straighter answer about benghazi. >> here we are, four years down the road, four years into the process and every poll nationally and swing states, it is a dead heat. >> i am not sure about that. >> real clear politics has the national and most of the swing states right neck and neck. >> and today, long time conservative george will, today, says romney winds in a landslide
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today and another said he will say that he thinks romney will win, others are not so confidence and everyone is were watching there and watching us. >> i don't trust anyone saying "landslide." >> particularly george will. >> maybe nod landslide but decisive. all of the figures that the democrats boasted in 2008, are the figures that romney has. >> you cannot compare 2008 to this time around? >> why? bob: they do not use the same samples. bob: democrats are not "wall street journal" folk. >> i am trying to think of a twisted metaphor how stuff wed are -- stuffed we are of polls. >> mitt romney will arrive at rally shortly and we will bring it to you live.
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>> we are waiting for governor romney do arrive at third
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campaign rally of the day in my home state of pennsylvania and we will take you there. while we wait the battleground on tuesday to watch results are in these states: colorado, florida, ohio, new hampshire, north carolina, michigan, nevada, pennsylvania, virginia, and wisconsin. bob, i point out dana referenced a column, who thinks it will be 315 to 223 for obama and rollins was in the green room and he said he is the best in the business and he has never gotten it wrong. what do you make of that prediction in bob: it is significant. but he has gotten it wrong a few times. if i were in, and he is doing what he is doing, now, he clearly has a side and i would look at the happy side, the happy side from my side and right now obama is ahead in eight of the 11 target points.
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>> but democrats trail in target states i mentioned but especially virginia, ohio, iowa and nevada. early absentee voting is not where it was for democrats in 2008. >> we had a thing back and forth and every single one of these is a toss up. each one. including pennsylvania. but, tomorrow, mitt romney 8 be in virginia, virginia, ohio, and new hampshire. look at states, and he has virginia, he has to work on ohio, and new hampshire is a toss up. bob: why he is going there? >> he has to win. obama will be in wisconsin, ohio, and iowa, both spending time in ohio. but interesting that obama goes to wisconsin which would indicate he is concerned about wisconsin. if ohio goes to romney, obama has to have wisconsin. >> speaking of ohio, the g.o.p.
2:18 pm
is 250,000 votes ahead of where they were four years ago in early voting. that is a state that obama won by 260,000 votes so they is wiped out the obama lead. >> i am not a numbers person, i try to pull out of that but i try to look at feeling. certainly, when you look at ohio in 2008, i don't think there is any republican who could have sat here with a straight face and said we got this, at least it is a dead heat going in which is what this show has said would happen, that obama would have a fairly good summer, romney would have a good fall and without have an obligate surprise which we did and everything would tighten and come down to turn out on tuesday. >> do you think the bomber jacket top gun look helps president obama? >> it changed my vote. i tell you that. he looked fantastic. i saw the price tag. it just came out of the box.
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the swing you are talking about, many less democrats and a lot more republicans and the only kind of swinging that bob doesn't like. another public here, i could not resist. the only joke i had. four men arrested in ohio, stealing signs. steal willing signs. they were romney signs and where did they buy the signs? they found them in a pickup truck belonging to the sheet metal workers international to which i say, that's a pile of "sheet." what a surprise. dirty tricks. bob: i would not suggest there is not some of this going on both sides. >> you don't hear about republicans defecating on signs. bob: remember the polls, look, it is going to be tight. no question. you cannot expect obama to get the 2008 numbers and he won all the states by a good margin.
2:20 pm
he has a lot to give away. the landscape is littered with those who make predictions and i would not. flatout. >> there is one great predictor, 18 of the 19 times since 1936 the washington redskins last home game dictated the winner of the election a couple days later. the incumbent is tied to whether or not the redskins win or lose and the incumbent, president obama's body is tied to a loss. >> but the defecating on the lawn sign this is the party of occupy wall street. so, are we really surprised? >> they are into fertilizer. >> four years ago the "new york daily news," the 5th largest in the country, consider add blue-collar paper, endorsed president obama, i am a columnist for the paper and they said endorsed mitt romney saying that the hopes of those days and everything the president promised was unfulfilled. i know he will not win new york. but how much dot endorsements
2:21 pm
matter? >> at least from a tone perspective on the campaign you can see that mitt romney has fought his way through a tough primary and has worked so hard he has convinced many papers, including in wisconsin, that paper flipped from obama support in 2008 to romney in 2012. you do not do that without effort and persuasion. and another number that people should look at for this election, 7.9 percent unemployment. going to election day is not where president obama promised he would be or certainly now what is good for the incumbent in a year like this with independent voters which are strongly going for romney decide to make a decision on a change. >> any time the unemployment rate, be fair, do not use 7.4 because they are using that after the fact, go with 7 percent unemployment. four times since 1944 has the unemployment rate been above 7 percent, three out of the four
2:22 pm
times the incumbent party lost. >>bob: are you counting the redskins prediction, too? >> all about trends. >> chris christie responds to those who say he is too supportive of president obama. and we will hear from him. and we will go to the romney's rally in pennsylvania. president obama won pennsylvania by ten points in 2008, so does governor romney have a chance? [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be cool if you could combine the capability of a pathfinder with the comfort of a sedan? ♪ so you went right back to the pathfinder's essence, kept its dna, and created the next-gen s.u.v. starting with a drivetrain that gives best-in-class fuel economy of 26 miles per gallon, highway...
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pennsylvania and then to virginia. in the meantime, governor chris christie has been working hard to get new jersey on her feet. but the governor had conservatives scratching heads with over-the-top praise for president obama, some questioning his loyalty. the governor cleared things up moments ago. >> this is the kind of silliness that drives me crazy. listen, i was the first governor in america to endorse mitt romney. i endorsed him 13 months ago. i traveled all around the country for him. i raised millions of dollars for him the i spoke at literally dozens and dozens of rallies for him. i did that because i thought when i endorsed him he was the best person to bring america back its jobs, economy, and greatness in the world. i still believe that today. i don't understand why telling the president of the united states that he has done a good job when he has done a good job
2:28 pm
equals an endorsement. >> my governor, good friend, actually, know him very well, but, governor, as of this moment i'm not sure what a good job has been done. the victory am not sure. >> he green lighted the spending so he did a good job. he stopped in new jersey one time. imagine if president obama stopped one time before an election where people still don't have their homes, don't have power, it is a disaster zone, during a notal campaign would have taken more heat. christie had to come out and clarify because he was over-the-top. and the media really stretched this too far. you listen to the sunday shows today, the beltway media was sitting around the table acting like this was an endorsement. the fact they perceive it that way was very strange and a bridge way too far. >> i think that governor chris christie, everything he does, is over-the-top. that is why everyone loves him
2:29 pm
and why he did not have that great of a reception at the republican national convention because he turned it down a notch and he was not himself. i am not surprised we when he makes these comments. if his defense, it is like he is over-the-top but that is who he is. that is why people love him. >> i give him credit for not thinking politically all the time. he is befuddleed when things are political and they should not be political. i do think to your point, this was all a media-generated." it was almost like here you had the media championing the idea of bipartisanship, but with hurricane katrina they went in the opposite direction and they wanted demonization. >> help me out, what is good about it? what is good about the response? people are still dying. bob: it has six days.
2:30 pm
>> eight, but who is counting. >> my count it was last monday but maybe it is six days. the point is what he said here was a fair thing on say, they have done a remarkably good job, it was 8.5 million people without electricity and now it is 3 million. he deserves to get credit. why not? why not give him credit? >> what did he do? governor chris christie said you do a good job, thank you. what does he do? we are still looking for people. >> people are still looking for fema, and i am surprised they are applauding president obama for spending a lot of money. he has been green lighting spending for four years in office. he has a black belt in green light spending. >> presidents do not have a lot to do with state and local recovery and they shouldn't.
2:31 pm
if you have competent state and local government to handle it, they will be overwhelmed at times especially in staten island and the rockaways i heard more distress over there, and fema running out of water but fema coordinated the aid, they do not provide direct aid. people have a warped understanding and a misunderstanding of what fema actually does. it leads to anger when that is not necessarily the case. >>bob:. fema has done, it is a coordinated effect, but they have deployed more resources than any other tragedy in history. but you cannot laugh and say, where are they? >> a lot of people on staten island wonder where they are. they ran out of the water yesterday. they were not going to get water until monday. my point isn't whether fema is doing a good job my point is why was chris christie so in a hurry to get to a podium and pat president obama on the back.
2:32 pm
unless it is money. >> i can say this is a strange conversation to have with a guy playing a flute. >> you are getting heated and i am watching this guy play a flute. it was delightful. it was very nice. >> that is the crowd waiting for mitt romney's plane to arrive there is a delay, make 45 minutes or an hour. >> and the point about the funding, president obama had no choice, too, blue to green light the funding and if he delayed it >>chris: city could have gone on every major news network. >> last year in texas they could not get the president to green light funding after the wildfires and in tennessee they had major floods, there was not a statement from the president of the united states, and, so,
2:33 pm
elections matter. >> they do matter. remember, mr. cantor, the majority leader in the house who said that fema ought to go away and we ought to get money from other parts of the budget. >> actually, he said what was pointed out, let the states handle. bob: he said to make the money out of the budget. my doctor told me calcium is efficiently absorbed in small continuous amounts. citracal slow release continuously releases calcium plus d with efficient absorption in one daily dose.
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>> some anti-american muslim cloaks claim hurricane sandy was punishment for the antimuslim film which makes you wonder why egypt is a sinkhole but others say it is wrong to revel in someone else's misery but i am not surprised there is a lot of that going around. president obama opened that door. no one heard of the video until he decided to be the p.r. agent so they could blame someone for the security debacle in benghazi. he would have held a world premiere in times square with susan rise on the red carpet with joan rivers. and u.s.a. today a newspaper published in airports i believe refers to the film as one that sparked waves of protests. with garbage.
2:39 pm
bungling benghazi, he opened the path for no justice. he wanted to play the global healer and i call this a man made disaster but napolitano coined that phrase already. >> big question: where the heck is the director? you would think that an enterprising journalist, "rolling stone" "mother jones," aclu would try to get ahold of the guy and find out what is going on but he is in a deep are hole that gitmo. >> rebel sean hannity after trayvon martin he got an interview with george zimmerman and the lawyer sat there next to him and here is a guy who was arrested and previewed the arrests with president clinton telling one of the navy seals' fathers they were going to arrest him and he is arrested on probation violation and is in
2:40 pm
jail and does not get out for three days and the big shot lawyers, like the one that defended casey anthony this is a case you would imagine any would get a lot of p.r. but it is weird they are nowhere. >> people use disasters, like evangelists in america, they will say, this is the reason why we have an earthquake to punish, i don't know, something like that. why do people do that? bob: it fairness to the clerk icks, many came back and rebelled about that. for the first time i heard muslims step forward in the region and come down against these guys. so, that is probably a positive sign. as far as the guy he is in jail. >> it blows my mind because if the shoe were on the other foot and this is a muslim filmmaker, there would be hell to pay.
2:41 pm
>> lost hell to pay. >> i wish that more muslim clerics would come out and denounce this kind of thing more often. you are right, bob, they did it this time around but, really, that is an area where they and the left and the right can all come together, tolerance of women, tolerance of gays, this is something that in the muslim community the koran does not allow for. that would be an opportunity for them to come out and more ten rather than just letting the islamists drive the message. remember osama bin laden after 9/11, he said that was for 80 years of disgrace. what does that mean? breaking up the the situation. that is how they think of it. revenge. >> you step back and you look at, remember the day when it happened, we had an e-mail exchange, my problem was, theiring extinct from the federal government was not to say, knock it off. violence is not acceptable for
2:42 pm
any reason. but president obama was in this position as the leaders of the free world, the person who will unite everyone, to be able to say to them, i know you don't like it, and i thought the video was terrible but that is not a reason to riot and protest. bob: this is terrible, we have another network coming in on our screen where half of our screen is another network and the other half is, i don't know what. bob: i see, a romney rally. i see. sorry. >> do you think the media is relieved they do not have to report on libya. >> i don't know why they haven't reported on it from the beginning. we have. this is our 54 days every show we touch on it. not that there are so many new developments but the reason we have two people running for president, both want to be president, one of the guy whose was -- do not forget, on
2:43 pm
september 11th when four of our diplomats were killed, murdered in cold blood, the next morning, one of the guy whose wants to be president got on air force one, went to las vegas and decided to that rather than investigate what would happen. he had first things first, i need my money and campaign in las vegas. >> it looks terrible for president obama. this is too close to the election. they do not want to expose his incompetence. one magazine called eight "distraction," four dead americans. awe will return in a
2:44 pm
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2:47 pm
>> welcome back to "the five." if you missed it in the last half hour of the show we are waiting for mitt romney to take
2:48 pm
the stage in person. here is the crowd. now we are waiting with carl cameron on the trail with the governor and joining us by phone. we have been waiting for you. how are you? >>carl: it is it not my fault. blame it on the air traffic. the plane was delayed in ohio by 45 minutes to an hour and there was a problem at philadelphia airport and we could not take off. romney is making a plea for pennsylvania, late in the game, and not the least is the change in the polls recently. the romney campaign believes strongly that they have an opportunity here based on the way the surveys have closed, and romney has last momentum momentum and they are pouring tens of millions in advertising for the last couple of weeks and the polls have reacted. this benefit, as far aspin person and -- as far as the
2:49 pm
state of pennsylvania and ohio share a border, and romney never included pennsylvania in their victory strategy, they did not anticipate having to win here, but, with so many of the battleground states toss up in the margin of error they are attempting to argue the battlefielded and include the obama campaign dismissing, which has gone democrat in presidential politics since 1992 and, yet, the romney campaign tries to be convincing and aggressive and make the argue president as a sign of their momentum and obama suggested it is a last-ditch effort. bob: it was 1992 when bill clinton took pennsylvania back. eric, what do you think? >> i love the map. what has to happen. obviously, ohio is huge. if romney doesn't win ohio he
2:50 pm
has to win iowa and wisconsin and possibly new hampshire so that is why they are spending all their time where they need. they all making the contingency plan, if they do not win ohio. that is smart. bob: they have so much money on both sides they cannot possibly spend it all. >> on friday when the job numbers came out showing 90,000 fewer people working in pennsylvania today than when president obama took office as a reason you are seeing the tightening up especially in the counties you mentioned. it is unlawful philadelphia that president obama has the battle, it is the rest of the state. >> i don't know how you can vote for obama considering his views on coal, he could not be more opposed for person if he was playing for the new york giants. bob: what about the old steel mill area in. >> they will have big trouble.
2:51 pm
that is big coal trouble and they struggling with that area. the fact they are doing worse in the suburb area where president obama did very well last time around, it is not a good sign. two points on pennsylvania: unlike other states, pennsylvania does nut have early voting so romney is breaking ahead with absentee votes but 95 percent of the votes are cast tomorrow people have not been able to voice their opinions yet and, also, pennsylvania, hasn't been saturated with the ads because both candidates have not focused. president obama did not think he had to and mitt romney does not think it would be this close but it has. it could sway. bob: pennsylvania is called "the t." if democrats win in pittsburgh and philadelphia and the middle and cross the top is republican i would watch those counties and see if romney gets a big margin as i suspect. if obama is short in the suburbs, those are, that would make that state very close. i am not predicting but i
2:52 pm
think... >> it is not totally blue. we have a republican governor, and a republican legislature, and a republican senator. >> and the republicans just won in the last election. >> and a lot of democrats, more democrats are in jail than any other. >> i think new york and new jersey are in the running. >> the presidential race is close this late. bob: in 1976 ford and carter closed down but, no, it is going to be one if the books. okay, one more thing, up next, stay tuned. [ male announcer ] when was the last time something made your jaw drop? campbell's has 24 new soups that will make it drop over, and over again. ♪ from jammin' jerk chicken,
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>> time for one more thing. your lovely sweater? >> she finds out what i am wearing wearing and she wears the same thing. it is creepy. and now, turn attention to hurricane sandy, an actor is sending a lot of money to the charity called www.tunnelstotowers.organdhehas
2:57 pm
g a nd he has given $100,000 to the relief fund out there for the folks. >> eric? >> so, remember when he pointed out hearing impaired person that worked with the mayor and how great she was, well, chris christie has one, as well. watch. >> governor chris christie this is my interpreter. things are bad. okay. bad. but we are new jersey, all right, we will be fine. you disobey one of my orders, well, screw you, screw your city and screw all the people that listen to you. i'm going to beat you to death. because that's the jersey way. >> also i would like to give thanks to president obama how he handled the situation. >> well done. >> bob? >> that sounded like you.
2:58 pm
>> i cannot follow that. i will get -- say this, this election will come down do a margin of 15 electoral votes and under 300,000 national votes. >> your count? >> some of the states it is triggered if it is less than 1 percent so it could be automatic recount. we don't have the answer. >> you would love that, right? >> stretch this out longer. >> we are already on a psychological rack. >> that is a good transition because i mentioned what it is like to argue the polls when you are on "the five." watch. >> this was earlier today, i said this is like arguing about the polls with bob. >> i don't get it. >> the dog. chasing his tail. there should be another metaphor , regarding arguing with bob but i will not use it.
2:59 pm
>> so, there is tradition, and rumor that in politics you have to look at football as an indication which everyone is watching, not now because they are watching "the five." and a tradition says when the redst -- redskins win the incumbent loses. and they lost today. when the hometown team loses, it is bad for the incumbent and it is very good for the challenger, so, don't get mad but for mitt romney to win the eagles have to lose on monday and bengals have to lose to the broncos in ohio and steelers have to lose to the giants and dolphins to the colts and browns to the ravens and packers to the cardinals so voters are so angry, so frustrated, come out and vote. >> you left off the st. lord seaways


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